Why You Need To Build a New Website as a Doctor

Why You Need To Build a New Website as a Doctor

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It seems like your website has already past its prime. Well, it may be the right time to redesign it, as website is highly essential and necessary for projecting your best image as a physician. The web is probably the first place your patients and prospective patients will look to learn more about you and your organization.

Below are 5 of the common signs you must keep an eye open for when considering to get a new website.

  1. Your website is not found on Yahoo or Google

Your primary reason for building a website is to reach local patients conveniently. But, how will you achieve this goal? A multilingual SEO service from Result Driven SEO is the best solution! By having your website optimized, you are guaranteed to have a strong online presence on the search engines, allowing your patients to find you easily and quickly.

Prospective patients should be able to find your site, become familiar with your business and quickly reach you. These can only be attained if your website is properly optimized.

  1. Your website is more than three years old

The web is ever-shifting – both in terms of styles and designs. According to the rule of thumb, businesses and professionals need to redesign their website around every two to three years. New developments always arise, helping you create better and manageable experiences for your patients.

If designing a site is not your forte, you can always ask the help of a professional web designer to help you out.

  1. Your website suffers from long or slow loading time

Key in the URL of your site and click enter. If you notice that it takes longer for your site to load, you might want to consider building a new website. Every site is expected to load within five seconds. The preferred time is 1.5 seconds. The average attention span of the users is not more than three seconds, thus, your visitors are likely to leave if your page loads very slow.

  1. Your website doesn’t match your business materials, letterhead or logo

According to a research, a large number of patients research a business over the net before investing in a particular medical service or product. They might get confused if these patients land on your site and meet a strange logo not suitable to your brand.

Get the help of a web design specialist to take the hassles of making the switch, especially if you have little or no knowledge of handling this type of issue on your own.

  1. Your website is not responsive

If your site is not responsive, chances are you’ll miss out on mobile traffic. A responsive website offers the patients an optimal experience and viewing by adjusting to fit their screen size. This flexibility will allow your site to become fully functional and eligible on all devices, which removes the necessity for a mobile version of the website – all while allowing you to switch those mobile visitors.

From an SEO perception, responsive web design is important due to its unified code base. Although RWD already landed the internet world several years ago, there are still lots of sites who continue to have both mobile and desktop version. The thing here is that, most search engine bots including Googlebots gives more priority to neat and simple page hierarchy and that can be found only on responsive sites.

So, better update your website for RWD. If possible, consult website design for doctors at Online Marketing For Doctors to improve your traffic and search rankings.

If your website has any of the issues mentioned above, you should consider what a professional could offer to set it straight.


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