When Is an Injury Personal?

When Is an Injury Personal?

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You’ve probably heard about personal injury accidents over the years, but you may not have known exactly what they meant. To clarify the statement, we can say that a personal injury is an accident that happens because of someone else’s neglect. Neglect is the failure of a person to act in a way that is in another person’s best interest. It can also be an action that it is not in the best interest of that person. Many situations and circumstances can be personal injuries. These are just a few:

1. Car Accidents

Car accidents are common occurrences that can easily be eligible for compensation through an auto accident attorney. The other driver can be guilty of neglect if he was operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, or he was simply operating the vehicle in an erratic manner. The automobile manufacturer can be liable for an accident, as well, if they had an obligation to report something faulty with the vehicle, and they failed to do that or failed to fix it. In rare cases, accidents happen because of natural occurrences, and no one can take the blame for it.

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2. Slip and Fall Occurrences

Slip and fall occurrences are incidents that happen inside of stores on the outside in parking lots and so forth. They usually happen because someone forgets to alert customers to a slippery area. The other reason that happens is when homeowners do not clear the ice when someone visits, or they leave toys on the floor and visitors fall on those toys. Homeowners can be held responsible for any injuries that occur on their property to people who visit them.

3. Dog Bites

A pet owner is responsible for his pet’s behavior, and a personal injury suit can occur if he doesn’t act in a responsible manner. Owners are supposed to keep their pets on a leash so that they cannot hurt anybody. They are really supposed to keep their pets on a leash if they know that they have a history of being aggressive toward people. Dog bites can be deadly for owners.

4. Medical Mishaps

Medical malpractice is the umbrella over a vast assortment of things that can happen when a person is under the care of a medical professional. One example of medical malpractices is the failure to diagnose someone. Another example is a wrong diagnosis. Nurses can be accused of malpractice if they administer the wrong medication and such.

5. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning often occurs inside of restaurants, and it happens for a variety of reasons, most of those reasons have to do with the establishments failing to store or cook the food properly.

A person who experiences any of the above-mentioned situations may be eligible for compensation under the personal injury law. The first step is to set up a consultation with a reputable attorney who can decide whether the case is eligible for coverage or not.

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