What Affects does URL Shortener has on SEO and Google Ranking

What Affects does URL Shortener has on SEO and Google Ranking

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A majority of URL shorteners would create a short url of relatively lengthy webpage addresses. It would comprise a of letters and numbers that would be easy to understand and remember. Several other URL shorteners would enable you to customise your desired URL in a manner that would help you retain your keyword for a specific webpage. However, when you retain the keyword in the URL, the targeted audience would be highly likely to visit your website and remember easily your webpage address for their future visit along with providing referrals to friends.

Benefits offered by URL shorteners

Among the various kinds of benefits offered by URL shorteners, you would be allowed to cloak the affiliate ID when promoting them on a number of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The URL shortener would be advantageous in using Twitter that would allow merely 140 characters in a single tweet. As a result, you would be able to make use of adequate space for briefly describing the webpage. Yet another benefit would be usage of URL shortener. It would be convenience in sharing your website with friends at social forums, groups, websites, blogs, instant messengers and text messages.

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Affects of URL shortener on Google ranking and SEO

Most business owners would be concerned about using URL shortener, as it affects SEO and Google ranking. However, considering the webpage could be promoted easily through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, you could also promote them easily through text messages and mobile phones. It would help you improve the website rank when you would have the option of promoting them more often with the assistance of URL shorteners. In addition, while using URL shortener, you would be able to customize the link along with retain your keywords. However, the Google page rank would be further enhance and optimize your website among popular search engines.

Popularity of URL shortening service

URL shortening has widely become popular in the present times. It has plenty of uses for a number of online activities. With the availability of URL shortener, social networking has become relatively easy by sharing unique ideas and thoughts found on the webpage. Moreover, the internet marketing has been further enhanced by shortening URL or affiliate cloaking the links while simultaneously retaining the keywords. The custom link shortener would enable the users to shorten their lengthy web addresses and customize them into shorter URLs along with assigned keywords.

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