Ways to Wear Slogan T-shirt Without Being a Fashion Victim

Ways to Wear Slogan T-shirt Without Being a Fashion Victim

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The T-shirt creation has always been a combination of street fashion, music and politics. Since, its evolution, the slogan t shirts have captured the mind of the masses by its appealing label. They are a unique way of reflecting whatever is happening in the society. On numerous occasion, we have seen the slogan t-shirt to be a flag bearer of political protest, social message or support to an iconic figure. One of the most iconic slogan t-shirts was sported by the eminent fashion designer Katherine Hamnett while she was photographed meeting the then Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher in 1984. Her T-shirt read ‘58% don’t want Pershing’, which grabbed the world attention in reference to the protest of the installation of US nuclear warheads on British soil.

So, we can see that the slogan tees are the latest trend among the youth. There are different ways to sport a slogan t-shirt. You just need to wear your style. Since these t-shirts can have a large number of interesting messages on them, they turn out to be a unique form of outfit for the trendy younger generation.  Do not try to overdo any style while sporting the slogan tees, then you may be branded as a fashion victim. You will find a huge collection of slogan tees in every form of colour, designs and statement in the fashion portals of Bewakoof, Myntra, Jabong, Ajio, Spyker, etc. Here are a few options which you can consider while sporting a slogan t-shirt.

      Dare to be Innovative

While selecting the perfect slogan t-shirt for yourself it is a good idea to be innovative in your style. In this way, you can create a statement for yourself. You can go for quirky, funny, out-of-the-box messages which would act as a style statement. But the fashion pundits advise not to get carried away in the quest of being different. You would be tagged as a fashion victim in that case. Many brands in India, hire the best talents from the fashion designing institutes to create the most innovative slogan t-shirts for you.

      Have Conviction in the Message

You should always have a conviction to whatever message you decide to sport on your t-shirt. Whether you wish to wear any social message like a protest to child labour, issues regarding women safety, environmental awareness or you wish to portrait your love for an iconic figure like a famous singer or a sports person, you must support the cause of wearing such t-shirt. Otherwise, it would turn out to be a fashion blunder and people would not take you seriously anymore.

      Pick a Colour That Suits You

While selecting the perfect slogan t-shirt to be worn to your college on a special day like the fresher’s welcome party, or an annual event like the college fest always remember to wear a colour that suits your complexion. If you are on the fairer side you can sport bright colours but if you have a whitish complexion then go for subdues tones. If you have any confusion about the colour to wear on a special day it is always safe to go for a slogan tee in white or black. They would never fail to make you look impressive.

So, this was, in brief, a few tips to wear the slogan t-shirt without turning out to be a fashion victim.

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