Trick Calling Technology

Trick Calling Technology

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Do you have King Albert in a can? Such expressions used to be the fierceness of the Mad Magazine perusing youth of the 70’s. Today the standard for the trick or wrench call has been brought with cases up in popular culture TV programs, for example, the Simpson’s. There are presently even whole shows, for example, Comedy Centrals “Wrench Yankers”, committed to the craft of tricking a clueless telephone beneficiary.

So what may we expect later on? Well innovation is starting open some charming conceivable outcomes. I recollect as a 11 year old having an intense time persuading somebody in my sharp voice that I was chipping away at the electric lines and needed to check whether their cooler was running. With some present day help, for example, MorphVOX a voice changing project from Screaming Bee, a children shot of pulling off such a trick are significantly expanded.

MorphVOX when joined with PC to telephone administrations, for example, Skype-Out or Yahoo Messenger, empower one to change their voice to an alternate age, sex or even unnatural spirits. This opens the potential outcomes for an unheard of level of tricks. Envision a St. Patrick’s Day telephone call from a leprechaun, or calling your better half on Halloween with the twisted voice of a youngster phantom. For the less brutal, what about a call to your child from the Easter bunny?

So next time you hear sounds like an expansive blunt man getting some information about your icebox, simply recollect that it may be two or three children utilizing the most recent in innovation for an old trick.

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