Trauma Scene Cleanup Orlando Florida

Trauma Scene Cleanup Orlando Florida

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Victims and their families need extra support when there has been a suicide, homicide, or traumatic death of someone they love. We provide the best trauma scene cleanup Orlando Florida can offer, and we work with local authorities, emergency services personnel, victims’ service groups, apartment communities, and other organizations to expertly clean up the scene of a traumatic incident.

These types of situations are biohazardous and require more than just a general cleanup crew. Our technicians have completed a rigorous training and certification program to handle, remove, transport, and dispose of biohazardous waste. There are very specific federal and state laws for the cleanup of biohazardous situations. We follow them to the letter to protect our clients and the general public.

We prioritize the people we work with. Serving them is the most important part of our work. Compassion is one of our company’s core values, and we work to help people through these types of difficult situations in their lives.

Being aware of the gravity of our clients’ circumstances, we value their privacy and confidentiality. We work with as light of a footstep as possible in their working and living spaces, and we work as discreetly as we can.

All of the jobs we work on require a thorough cleaning. Disinfecting every surface and item possible is critical to creating a safe space for people to enter again. Discarding what cannot be cleaned is also critical to making the area safe.

Our goal is restore a traumatic incident scene to its original state, but, sometimes, we have to discard of certain items, such as flooring or drywall, because they cannot be disinfected. Leaving them would create a potential for infection for anyone who comes into contact with them. We do try to make it a point to save as many items of sentimental value for our clients as we can.

When called, we usually can arrive at the scene within an hour if the situation warrants it. The cleanup process often takes just a few hours. While we work efficiently, we never sacrifice quality for speed. Safety is much more important than speed.

We are available any time of the day or night, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need us. With our flawless reputation, we are certain we can provide the best trauma scene cleanup Orlando Florida can offer.

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