Top Tips for Recruiting on Social Media

Top Tips for Recruiting on Social Media

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Social recruiting is by no means a new trend; however it is a trend that is getting more and more popular by the day – With most recruiters now using social media to source the greatest talent. According to research a whopping 93% of companies not use LinkedIn to recruit for example, therefore if you are a recruiter and you don’t utilise social media, you are doing something wrong…

If you are looking to get into recruiting on social media, here are four tips to embrace, as provided by one of the UK’s leading rec2rec agencies:

  1. Brush up on your marketing skills: The very best talent of course wants to work for the best employers therefore it is vital that right from first contact you work hard to make a great impression. Not only of yourself, but also of your clients. Recruiters a lot of the time must act as sales/marketing people therefore it pays to know as much about marketing as you can, both offline and online.
  2. Take time to understand companies brand values: Brand values are incredibly important to most companies therefore you must take time to understand these before you get started. Understanding brand values will also help you to find the most suitable candidates.
  3. Adopt a social onboarding: Social technologies can help employers maintain good relationships with their candidates after they have accepted jobs. Staying in contact with potential candidates and getting them to also connect with their potential employers can be an incredibly important thing to do. You must also build up a network of people who could be interested in roles in which you are looking for candidates for in the future.
  4. Watch, learn, adapt: if you don’t know what you are posting on social platforms, or have any doubts about what you are doing – Take a step back and take time to watch what other leading recruiters are doing. See what is working for others and what isn’t, and pick out the best tips from what you see. This will help you amazingly.

These are only some of the tips for recruiters looking to join social media too – There are many more available across the web. The best advice I could give you today is to do your homework and learn as much as you can before hitting the platforms. Yes you will learn a lot once you are active, but you must have at least a decent idea of what you’re doing so that people do not think you are an amateur.

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