Smoking Hash in a Steam Roller

Smoking Hash in a Steam Roller

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There is hardly a greater testament to humanity’s creativity than how many different ways we have managed to come up with as a species to consume cannabis and all its variants. From joints to bongs, pipes and steam rollers, gravity bongs, hot knives, vaporizers, bottle tokes, there are endless ways to get lifted. I’ve known some people that picked their favorite ritual early on and stuck with it, while some others are a bit more experimental. There’s some good and bad points and flaws for any method but in the end it’s all subjective, and whatever process you find yourself most enjoying after a long day of work is the one you should stick with of course. That being said, it’s always good to have an open mind when presented with new ways to smoke because you never know when you might fall in love with a particular mixture of bud and hash. Plus, it’s nice to be familiar with all the ins and outs of different forms of cannabis consumption so that you can be sure to seize any opportunity to get stoned that comes your way.

If you own a steam roller, you may have already had some fun trying to blitz yourself with mixed bowls, but if not, let me be the first to tell you of the craziest little salad you can chief to the face. First of all, I hope you’re experienced and your lungs are well trained in the art of huge rips, because if not you may end up coughing so violently you’ll feel like all your inner organs are trying to escape, just saying.

This is my personal recipe for getting the best and most even burn but feel free to adjust some factors if you see fit. What I like to do is of course begin by sprinkling just a small bed of herb in your bowl. Next you want to use a bit of nice crumbly, moroccan-style hash and crush it up into a fine sort of powder all over that small bed of green. Now open up that grinder of yours and dump some kief all over it, so that the rest of the bowl is now entirely covered. Top it off with just a bit more flower, and you’ve got yourself a kind of THC Big Mac. Make sure not to make this too big, especially in your steam roller, but I guarantee this will numb your face instantly.

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