Savannah Way For The Inexperienced Road Tripper

Savannah Way For The Inexperienced Road Tripper

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In a country where taking to the open road in a campervan hire and enjoying the activities and scenery of the land is a long tradition, Savannah Way is one of the top destinations for travellers. Stretching from Cairns to Broome in Western Australia’s Queensland region, this scenic drive takes in the classic Northern Territory, passing through rugged and picturesque lands full of terrific activities and opportunity for adventure. When it comes to Australian travel, this is as rugged and scenic as it gets. It will be easy to see why so many travellers delight in passing through this region, coming back multiple times and finding something new and fresh with each journey. No journey in the Western Region is complete without passing through Savannah Way. If you’re planning to visit this scenic region for the first time, then keep the below in mind.

Cairns To Hell’s Gate

This is truly one of the most scenic drives in all of Australia, which is really saying a lot when you consider the stunning beauty of the Country as a whole. If you start your journey in Cairns and head in the direction of Hell’s Gate, you will be passing through some of the most lush and tropical regions in the Northern Territory. Many miles of unspoiled coastline await, offering epic sea views along the stretches of roadway. You will also pass through incredibly lush forests full of wildlife and amazing sights. The weather in this region is warm and golden, and when combined with the epic scenery you have one of the most pleasant drives in the world at your fingertips.

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Along the way you can engage in such activities as swimming in the ocean, surfing, fishing, hiking in the forests, and kayaking on one of the many rivers that flow from the sea.

Visit Borroloola

Just over the border into Queensland lies the coastal town of Borroloola where you will find a laid back and friendly local population, great food and shopping, and some of the absolute best fishing to be found anywhere in the country. There are many fishing tours here offering the chance to experience deep sea fishing at its finest, and you will be highly advised to take advantage of this when in town. Even if you aren’t an avid fisherman, you can take a boat tour and experience the beauty of the coastline in this tropical paradise. When it comes to finding a pleasant locale to park your campervan hire for a few days of sun, relaxation, and fishing, you just can’t beat Borroloola.

Lorella Springs

Located right in the heart of the Northern Territory’s cattle region, Lorella Springs is a scenic and rugged location that is well worth a visit when passing through the area. Lorella Springs Tourist Park is a must-see, offering amazing hiking opportunities through classic Northern terrain. There are many camping facilities in the area, many of which are situated on old cattle stations. This will give you the feel for the region and how it must have felt for the cattle men when they camped out under the night skies. There are many interesting areas to explore in the Lorella Springs region, including the gorges and rock formations that make up the landscape, the soothing thermal springs that exist naturally in the area, and the swamps alive with classic Australian wildlife such as crocodiles and an incredible selection of rare birds.

Limestone Gorge

This is one of the  top destinations in the area for outdoor lovers, and it will only take a quick look to see why. Lush forests, scenic rivers and waterfalls, and miles of hiking trails await. Gregory National Park offers unbelievable camping opportunities, allowing travelers to set up and camp out under the night skies free of light pollution. Australian camping just doesn’t get any better than at Limestone Gorge.

Bullo River Station

Sitting right on the legendary Timber Creek, Bullo River Station offers weary travelers the opportunity to set up camp on a half-million acre cattle ranch. This ranch is still in operation, you can see the ranchers in action. There is ample fishing in this region as well as abundant wildlife. Also, the indigenous rock art is simply not to be missed and will provide a link between the land and its ancestors. This site is known for its comfortable nature, being large enough to accommodate many travellers without becoming too crowded. Bullo River Station is the perfect opportunity to experience the wonders the northern Australian landscape has to offer.

No Australian journey is complete without passing through Savannah Way. For your next camper van hire journey, make sure to keep the northern territory on your list. Epic scenery, rugged adventures, tropical weather, and a wide range of wildlife await.

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