Refrigerated Trailer Rental – 24/7 Services

Refrigerated Trailer Rental – 24/7 Services

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Wherever and whenever you need additional or emergency refrigeration or freezer facilities, don’t hesitate to call a leading service provider like Icecool Trailers. They will furnish you with the hygienic, well maintained and legislation meeting resources that you need in the capacity and size you require.

The best firms have 24/7 services so when a fridge breaks down at 1 a.m. you can enjoy confidence that fridge trailer rental rather than 100% stock wastage is assured.

Cost effective, efficient refrigerated trailers

Trailers are more economical than fridge vans which have fuel, MOT and vehicle maintenance costs loaded in to the provider’s fees.

Trailers are on wheels so that they can be moved between rooms or from an exterior to an interior position or vice versa easily. A fridge van is only more appropriate for multisite customers.

Fridge trailer rental units can be powered via mains or generator which offers optimum flexibility. Place them outside a marquee, in a foyer, in the car park or the middle of a school playing field without any loss of quality service.

Health and safety

Employees can work within the hire units without contravening legislation which is excellent when space is limited. It represents two solutions in one, the refrigerated trailers not only house additional stock but can accommodate workers so that the kitchen is not over populated and risks increased.

Means of escape from inside refrigeration trailers, cold rooms and freezers should always be provided.

Doors should be openable from the inside.

Lighting should be adequate to show the exit point and opening device from within when the door is closed.

Reputable companies appreciate the rules and follow them.

Choose your refrigerated trailer rental company wisely

Whilst cheap and cheerful fridge trailers may seem appealing to minimise overheads there is a high probability that in return you’ll receive less efficient, less compliant and perhaps poorly maintained equipment. Risks could be presented to customers rather than the expected levels of facilities. A quick check online will establish the usual rates and who the outstanding or the “to be avoided” service providers are.

What to expect with pre-booked or emergency fridge trailers:

  • The hire firm delivers and collects the trailers.
  • There is no self-drive/towing option with fridge trailers.
  • Trailers are available in varying sizes and capacities. 2.4m and 3m for example.
  • The firm sets them up and down-powers them so this entails minimum effort from you.
  • Trailers always look professional.
  • Refrigerated trailer rental units are lockable and the keys are left with clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured but the stock placed in them will necessitate another insurance policy. It is the client’s responsibility to arrange cover.
  • Hire periods can be for any duration and are extendable.
  • Fridge trailer hire companies can deliver within hours in emergencies.
  • Especially at peak times, it is advisable to pre-book facilities.

It’s good practice to research your options prior to an emergency or busy period so that when you need your fridge trailer rental it only takes a few minutes to arrange. Keep life simple!

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