Pros and Cons of Different Parking Stops

Pros and Cons of Different Parking Stops

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Parking stops are essential in parking spaces or garage. They help in directing you on where to park and ensuring that the car structure is not damaged. There are various types of parking stops the main ones being recycled plastic, concrete, and recycled rubber. Although cost is the primary factor that determines which type you wish to buy, you may want to put other factors into consideration. Make a comparison of the three categories regarding;


Concrete parking stops – The strength of these stops depends on exposure. You can maximize its durability by installing it in an indoor parking like the garage. Concrete wears fast when exposed to elements like sun and moisture.

Recycled plastic – They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. However, they should not be exposed to extreme heat, since the plastic could melt. Recycled plastic parking blocks are durable and only require little maintenance compared to concrete.

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Recycled rubber – They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The blocks are more advantageous as they are resistant to UV light, oil, extreme temperatures and moisture. This maximizes their longevity. Of the three types of parking stops, these are the most durable, and they require the least maintenance.


Concrete – They are easy to install and only require a few individuals to install

Recycled plastic РThey are relatively easy to install since all you need is a few screws to put the stops into place.

Recycled rubber – They are easy to install and can be installed by a single individual. They require rebar spikes or lag bolts and metal shields for installation.

Environmentally friendly

Concrete – They do not apply in this section since they neither hurt nor preserve the environment

Recycled plastic -These stops are made from recycled material which is post-industrial recycled plastic, and post-consumer recycles. These keep disposed of plastic out of the environment thus it is a way of conserving the environment.

Recycled rubber – They are made from 100% recycled tires and thus helps in reducing the number of scrap tires from the environment.

If you wish to buy parking stops of any kind, come to us as we have varieties for you to choose the one that suits you depending on the position you wish to have them installed.

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