Pro Bono Culture in India: How Crowdfunding is a Great Alternative

Pro Bono Culture in India: How Crowdfunding is a Great Alternative

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Take a hypothetical community nonprofit that works to rescue and empower women who have been trafficked into the sex trade. Or let’s consider an environmentally conscious NGO that is rehabilitating wild animals which were victims of poaching attempts. Besides medical aid, such a cause may also call for legal help. Legal services have always been an extremely expensive proposition, not only for NGOs but for the average Indian citizen as well. Moreover, the challenge of looking for a reliable institution poses another difficulty. Nonprofits cannot usually afford such expenses, but need the services more often than not. This is where pro bono aid comes in.

What is a pro bono service and how can it help a nonprofit?

When India Vision Foundation, an NGO founded by Kiran Bedi, needed legal assistance in drafting an MOU, they were clueless about who they could turn to for help. A pro bono service is the ideal answer for such a case.

By rule of thumb, lawyers, law students and law firms alike have a professional responsibility to provide legal assistance without expecting fees, to nonprofit organizations and individuals that need it but do not possess the means to afford it. This is pro bono; it is the need of the hour and already thriving among legal fraternities of many developed nations. This practice is not as widespread in the Indian law community at present, but several entities are toiling to change the scenario. An online crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru is an attractive option out of the lot.

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How does crowdfunding make its way into the mix?

Since pro bono services are not a popular practice in India as of now, crowdfunding is a great way to get financial help for paid legal services. Creating a fundraiser can be the ideal alternative for a number of reasons; primarily because there’s no paperwork – nobody needs to give you the nod (besides the crowdfunding platform and it’s likely you’ll easily find one that does) and nobody can tell you what you can or can’t raise funds for and this makes the job easier. Secondly, it can be the fastest way to get money. Your campaign can successfully raise your goal amount in as little time as a couple of days if you plan it efficiently. Nonprofits and medical patients alike are eager to turn to crowdfunding for their long-term projects and their emergency causes and are able to raise money in time. Third, you have nothing to lose. Some crowdfunding platforms, like Impact Guru, let you start raising funds for free and only deduct a small percentage if you manage to get donations.

While it is common for anyone to raise funds for a cause such as to educate underprivileged children or to build a shelter for strays, only a few are in the know about the possibilities in crowdfunding for pro bono services. Any top-notch crowdfunding platform will let you create a fundraiser to help an NGO afford a pro bono legal service. Indian crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have seen thousands of organizations and individuals raise funds successfully for their causes and projects, aided by a compassionate team for quick creation and a user-friendly interface of your fundraiser and easy sharing to social media. Crowdfunding is an ideal utopian solution to many issues and causes that plague the country (and the rest of the world). Learn how crowdfunding works today and join the large population of givers and campaigners creating an impact together!

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