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New York Medical Imaging

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If you need medical imaging services in New York there are many options from which to choose. Medical imaging is an incredibly useful tool that allows your medical team to get an inside look at what is happening to your body. The New York medical imaging experts are here to provide the top level of care that we all deserve. Medical imaging ranges from x-rays to CT scans and MRIs. These tools have benefited many patients, especially cancer sufferers, as the information that they are able to collect is essential for their continuing care. Doctors rely on this information to also track the progress of the disease and how well the body is responding to treatment.

A lot of people first become familiar with medical imaging when they become pregnant. Ultrasound technology is one way that doctors are able to follow the growth of the fetus and to monitor its progress. This technology is non-invasive and gives both the parents and the doctor an opportunity to hear the fetus’ heartbeat and note the amount of growth and development that is occurring in order to determine that it is within normal boundaries. This technology allows doctors to quickly address any issues with the growth and development of the in utero fetus. Ultrasounds are also used to diagnose both digestive issues and various uterine problems.

X-ray technology has made many advancements since it was first introduced. X-ray technology is typically used with broken bones and the like, and the radiation amounts have been decreased over the years that this technology has been in use. X-rays are used by doctors and dentists in order to get an inside look at the skeletal and dental systems as a way to make accurate diagnoses.

MRIs are often used for sports injuries and injuries to ligaments and muscles. This magnetic imagery uses a dye that allows the doctor to see if there are tears or other stresses on the inner body system. These magnetic resonance machines can be a bit frightening for those that suffer from claustrophobia and there are now models that allow the patient to stand up. There are also MRI machines that are open and do not require the patient to lie in an enclosed area for a prolonged period of time.

New York medical imaging is here to help your doctor determine a correct diagnosis and an effective course of treatment for you. If you need any medical imaging services at all, please contact us today to set up an appointment. Medical imaging can help your medical team make a sound and accurate diagnosis which will enable them to treat you in the most effective and timely manner.

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