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Jungian therapy is a school of psychotherapy that originated with the ideas of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist. Carl strongly believed in the concept of wholeness. He also believed that the means of achieving this is by reconciling the conscious and unconscious parts of the human psyche. He holds that the unconscious is an active part and probably more active than the conscious part and a connection between these two will help an individual attain a deeper understanding of his life. Out of the few professionals practicing Jungian therapy, New York Jungian analyst stands out as one the best.

When can Jungian Therapy be Useful?

Since this style of therapy means that a patient would have to undergo three phases; self-awareness, transformation, and actualization, it could be useful in the following cases.

  • In cases where one feels discouraged and uncertain.
  • It can be used on patients who feel angry or frustrated without being able to pin down the reason.
  • Can be used to handle problems encountered in love lives and other relationships.

Jungian therapy is not limited to only these cases as it can be applied to a variety of situations.


What to Expect From New York Jungian Analyst

New York Jungian analyst possesses a set of techniques that are developed through talk sessions between the therapist and patient. This relationship aims at building closeness, trust and a sense of partnership between both parties. When the patient feels safe and comfortable enough, the analyst might now employ other techniques like dream interpretation and creative experiences like art or music. These would make the patient feel more relaxed and inclined to express himself.

Another common strategy that a Jungian Analyst might use is word association. Here, the therapist says a word, and the patient is asked to reply with the first word that pops in their mind. The speed or delay in the response given and the response itself can reveal certain unconscious behavior.

How Jungian Therapy Works

Jungian therapy doesn’t deal with the symptoms of a problem but rather dives deep down to tackle the root of the issue.  And unlike most modern psychologists, Jung didn’t believe that experiments using natural sciences were the only means to gain an understanding of the human psyche. He rather believed in the world of dreams as the promising road to deeper understanding and meaning.

He believed that an imbalance between conscious awareness and the conscious mind as a result of anyone’s repressed memories would manifest itself negatively in one’s emotions. During analysis, therefore, Jungian Analyst are supposed to go deep down in the patient unconsciousness in order to uncover these memories. This would help the patient to achieve the balance that is pivotal for healthy emotional life.

Choosing a Jungian Analyst

There are a little over 2,500 Jungian analysts in the world today, and finding a good one can be a difficult task. Basically, however, New York Jungian analyst is a licensed mental health professional and is accredited by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). And since your treatment is going to be a journey that both you and your therapist would have to undertake together, it is best you choose a therapist you are very comfortable with.


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