Intricacies of the legal procedure called Divorce

Intricacies of the legal procedure called Divorce

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If we go by the legal definition of divorce which says that it is the dissolution of a marriage, the termination of a marital union. However, if we look at it in detail, we’ll come to the conclusion that it is much more than that. It should be noted that even after obtaining a divorce in the court of law, a couple can get a religious annulment which allows them to marry again.

What is Annulment?

It is a court procedure which once passed annuls any marriage and treats it as if it never existed. There are various reasons on the grounds of which a marriage can be annulled. A few of them are:-

  • Misrepresentation – This involves lying to your spouse. The reasons can be varied, and if the court finds that the lies told were harmful enough to threaten the marriage, an annulment would be passed.
  • Concealment- In a marriage where everyone looks for complete faith, concealing vital information that can affect the marital relationship, is considered to be a blow to a healthy marriage. Concealing an addiction to alcohol or drugs, criminal records, sexually transmitted diseases and impotence (and a lot of others) can form the basis of annulment.
  • Refuse to consummate the institution of marriage – The refusal of a spouse to have sexual intercourse with the other spouse on a permanent basis can be the grounds for annulment.

The significance of Family law

The rules governing divorce cases have undergone a lot of amendment since the last century. Getting a divorce today is relatively easy but equally hectic since it is not just limited to separation. Various other discussion has to be held to complete the entire process of a divorce which involves discussions on the movable and immovable property, the future of children, alimony and various other things. When combined together, all these facets of divorce, make it a really complex and intricate procedure which should be handled professionally. Since all the cases of divorce are under the ambit of Family law, it is always advisable to go for lawyers who specialize in these fields.  More information about family lawyers can be obtained from reputed firms.

For people who have never dealt with courts, must know that help is available to them and they just have to reach out. Law has been provided with enough provision to make sure that the institution of marriage does not become a helpless situation for anyone.

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