Interesting Things Podiatrist Will Not Tell You

Interesting Things Podiatrist Will Not Tell You

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Podiatrists have to deal with many different characters in their line of work, and there are simply some things that they cannot tell you. But, you need to trust their judgment so if you have any pain in your feet or legs, be sure to visit podiatrist in Bondi Junction like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  1. Find the shoes that fit to your longest toe

Usually, the podiatrist will not phrase himself like this, because it seems unprofessional, even if it is true. When purchasing shoes, and we all know that that is a very important part of your health, you need to make sure that the shoes fit your feet correctly.

Trust what your podiatrist has to tell you

  1. “Barefoot running is a great idea”

This should be obvious why a podiatrist would never say this, and that is because it is false. Running or even simply walking on a hard surface barefoot can cause a lot of damage to your feet. You should always have some kind of shoes to cushion the impact of your feet touching the ground, otherwise you might be doing a lot of damage.

  1. I am not a pedicurist

A lot of people go to the podiatrist and ask them to cut or file their toenails correctly, and this is when a podiatrist will tell you to see a pedicurist. However, they will never tell you why they will not cut your nails since that is another very obvious thing.

  1. “We wear flip-flops too”

Even if flip-flops are not healthy for our feet, podiatrists still wear them sometimes. These types of footwear are designed for the beach and pool, so if you wear them every day, you will eventually end up at the podiatrist. If this happens, make sure to visit a foot doctor Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry for help.

  1. They did not change your life

Many people go and tell their podiatrist that they completely changed their life, while the doctor’s only move was to tell you that your shoes are too small. Should that really be considered as an act that changed your life?

  1. Stop self-diagnosing yourself

You want to first try one over the counter medication for your infection or fungus? Well, go ahead; sooner or later you will be back into the podiatrist office, and there will be an awkward silence of why you did not come when you had to.

Picking the right shoes is very important for your health

  1. You don’t have to shave your legs

Women usually think that when going to a podiatrist, they have to make their legs prettier, but that is not the case, If you suffer from an ingrown hair or toenail, shaving it will not allow the doctor to see what the actual problem is.

  1. If you avoid the consultations, bad things will happen

For example, there was a woman who stepped on a pencil when she was only eight years old. After a decade, she came to the podiatrist and said that her feet are bothering her, after which he was able to find the pencil lead that was not touched at all.

Final word

Even if you might ask a dumb question, you podiatrist would never think or say anything to make you feel uncomfortable. It is very important that you visit your podiatrist on time, because the longer you wait, the higher probability of something going terribly wrong exists. Make sure to not self-diagnose and waste money on drugs you think will work before the podiatrist takes a look.

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