If This Elderly First-Time Crowdfunding Campaigner Can Nail his Fundraiser, So Can You

If This Elderly First-Time Crowdfunding Campaigner Can Nail his Fundraiser, So Can You

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In recent times, India has shown a propensity of catching up with surprising speed to the internet trends that capture the rest of world, especially in the west. One of the newest has to do with the way Indians give. There are 350 million people in India who are willing to donate to causes they support, expecting no financial gain in return. Everyday, a larger portion of this figure involves contributions made to crowdfunding campaigns as the concept becomes more and more popular.

Medical crowdfunding – the newest and most effective trend making a visible difference for patients everywhere

Nearly half of the crowdfunding that is done by campaigners (and fuelled by donors) across India is towards medical causes. Medical crowdfunding has been aiding families in affording their loved ones’ medical bills for nearly a decade in India. Platforms like Impact Guru have seen medical campaigners collectively raising over Rs 200 crore to impact the lives of patients, whether it’s to treat a chronic illness over time, to fund medical solutions for an emergency situation like an accident, to restore eyesight to underprivileged blind people…the list of medical causes successfully funded goes on and on.

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How anyone and everyone can crowdfund; with an example to prove it!

The best advantage of crowdfunding has to be that it is one of the few internet trends that not only help make a huge difference to a person’s life, but can also be picked up easily by elderly people, rural communities and first-time internet users! Most crowdfunding platforms have a compassionate team working behind them, willing to help anyone and everyone learn how crowdfunding works.

Here’s an example of an ongoing medical fundraising campaign on Impact Guru run by an elderly first-time campaigner. Kubendran is a loved father, husband and former teacher. A year ago, he was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. His doctor told him that a liver transplant was his only chance at survival. Kubendran, who lived on a retired professor’s pension knew his income could not cover the colossal Rs 30 lakhs bill the transplant procedure would pose. His son stumbled upon Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform while looking for solutions and decided to help his father crowdfund his treatment.

The elderly professor, who had never heard of crowdfunding before, managed to raise over Rs 10 lakhs in 10 days!

Kubendran is only one of the thousands of elderly or first-time campaigners who start a fundraiser on any given day with a crowdfunding platform. With a little bit of determination and networking skills, any fundraiser can make a happy story for a person in need!

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