How Stay Interviews Help You Engage and Retain Your Millennials

How Stay Interviews Help You Engage and Retain Your Millennials

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How to motivate them, engage them, and retain them has baffled your company. Your stock of retention initiatives like HR-conducted surveys and hiring consultants have been ineffective. What’s worse, your focus groups, HR training, and survey conducting are costly and time-consuming.

We have a turnkey solution that will help you engage and retain your millennial workforce AND save costs and hassle.

What Millennials Want

Here is a list of things millennial employees care about that may have crossed your desk at some point (per the Harvard Business Review):

  1. Opportunity to learn and grow
  2. Quality of manager and management
  3. Interest in the type of work

You may already have started to wonder what exactly millennials want to learn, what they would define as growth, quality, etc. Getting accurate answers can help you begin to better understand your millennial workforce — if you don’t fall into the one-size-fits-all thinking trap by applying one solution to the whole group.

Millennials Want Trust

Age and demographics don’t matter when it comes to trust. Research tells us that every employee wants it. 

What inspires trust in millennials?

Millennials entered the workforce having been humored, related to, and heard out more than previous generations. They see themselves as unique individuals rather than a faceless group; they value and expect open-ended communication and attentive consideration to their individual perspectives and needs.

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Retain and Engage Millennials with Stay Interviews

We have found that exit surveys, employee surveys, and millennial surveys have something in common: All these “representative” methods of collecting employee data are out-performed by stay interview questions.

Stay Interviews are effective because the questions are open-ended and elicit useful answers based on the unique needs of individual employees, and because the managers — not HR — conduct the interviews one-to-one. Employees believe you are locked into their concerns when you engage them individually. One client company reported the following feedback from a Stay Interview: An employee said that he/she would stay with the company long term if he/she could arrive an hour early and leave an hour early on the days of his/her son’s little league baseball games.

This company has seen their turnover fall 45% thanks to Stay Interviews.

Build and Retain Your Dream Team

Stay Interview questions net the results you need. Managers who leverage this proven, tested formula can build and retain highly skilled and motivated teams.

Take your organization’s team-building to the next level and try out or enroll in online Stay Interview Expert Certification training at www.



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