Homework – Is it Necessary?

Homework – Is it Necessary?

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Many times we wonder why homework is important for the progress of our children. Homework gives parents an opportunity to get involved in the education of their children. When parents show interest in their child’s education, it promotes enthusiasm in the child. As a result of this the child takes more interest in completing his homework.

Helping your child with his homework might not be as easy as it seems. With the changing education pattern, the school curriculum is also changing. What we studied in our times might not be a part of our child’s syllabus. Apart from this, parents also have difficulty finding time to sit with their children to assist them in homework. Guitar lessons, dance classes, and similar extra-curricular activities also take a lot of time.

This article would try to explore the need and benefits of homework assignments.

What’s the need for homework?

Homework assignments help children practice whatever they have learned at school. Moreover, homework prepares a child to use resources such as reference books and materials and encyclopedias to find data for their homework completion.

Homework helps develop independence in children; children work independently while completing their homework assignments. It also instills a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. As homework assignments have a deadline attached to them, children learn to finish tasks in stipulated time frame.

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Homework assignments also bridge the gap between teachers and parents. They help parents monitor their child’s progress at school. A word of caution- homework assignments are meant to encourage the child to learn new ideas. Hence, they should not be used as a medium of punishment.

Does homework really helps a child learn?

There are three aspects to this:

  1. Meaningful assignments
  1. Successful completion
  1. Constructive Feedback from teachers

Homework assignments should carry clear instructions so that the child does not face any difficulty in understanding what needs to be done. Homework should surely encourage the child to use his brain, but it should not be tough enough to challenge the child’s knowledge. That is why assignments should be given on the basis of the child’s age, grade, and learning ability.

How much homework?

For children studying in Grade 3 and less, homework should not ask for more than half an hour. However, for grades 4 to 6, homework assignments might require around 40 minutes. Again, there is no hard and fast rule to decide how much homework should be given to a particular child.

Online tutoring companies offer homework help and assignment help to K-12 students. This is great for parents who do not have time to sit with their child and help him with his homework assignments. Homework help should aim at encouraging the child to find answers to questions on his own, with a little help if required. Online tutors should motivate students to use resources such as the Internet, encyclopedias, and reference materials to find answers to the questions mentioned in their assignments.

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