Guide To Booking The Best Resorts Near Matheran

Guide To Booking The Best Resorts Near Matheran

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With the Himalayas catching the world’s fancy and Indians constantly thronging to them, the hills and the mountains of northern India have become host to an immense amount of crowd all year round. As such, those looking for a break from their busy lives with a peaceful vacation shall find plenty of places to visit, but not enough to relax. So what to do then? Head south instead! Matheran, located in Maharashtra, is one such place which offers both peace and an amazing sightseeing experience to calm down your nerves.

And if you want a truly relaxing vacation, it is ideal to book best resorts near Matheran so the peace that the place offers can be enjoyed to the fullest. For those in the dark about what such a resort should look like, here is a guide to booking the best resorts near Matheran that are sure to add to your comfort during the trip:

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  • Facilities: Undoubtedly the most important factor, the facilities a resort provides must be the top priority for you. Make sure that the place contains everything your relaxing holiday needs. Some high-end resorts have a pool and spa, while others have a simple diner – make your choice according to your definition of comfort. Find out if the resort offers free breakfast if you prefer a breakfast in bed rather than a bakery. Read online reviews extensively to know about the customer service. Ensure that the place is WiFi enabled and has a 24 hour reception if you are going to check in late. All these factors play a big role in deciding how memorable your trip actually was. Prioritize facilities above all else when booking a resort.
  • View: Some people just can’t live in a resort without a view – and such stubbornness is justified. What use is a vacation if you are going to wake up every morning the same stench of daily life? A beautiful view ensures that not only the place, but the room also captures your fancy. A beautiful view enlivens the mood, triggers happiness and induces comfort. Given that Matheran is a hill station and motor vehicles in the place are banned, you are sure to find resorts offering breathtaking views. Choose the one that amazes you the most!
  • Proximity: While facilities and view are important, it is not to be forgotten that you might well be spending your nights at the resort – with daytime spent travelling through the place. Therefore, proximity of the resort to the tourist spots of the place is an important consideration. No matter how great a resort is, it is no use if you need to travel hours to visit the famous sights nearby. It adds to your budget, takes away your time, and irritates you when done over and over again. So look for a resort located close to the places you intend to visit when sitting down to book best resorts near Matheran. It helps you travel more without minding it less.
  • Value for money: Lastly, choose a resort that offers the most while asking the least. Nobody likes to pay too much for a place they won’t be staying much time in. So getting good value for money is extremely important. Know that a cheap room doesn’t mean a bad one and an expensive resort might not always be better than a budget one. The reviews of each resort are sure to mention whether they are bang for the buck or not. Know what services are essential and what non-essential as well. Since you will primarily be travelling, it is advisable not to opt for meals from the resort. Avoid visiting pool, gym, or any other facility as well if they charge extra. Ensure your comfort, but don’t get lured by luxury.

Matheran boasts of a mild climate all through the year and is accessible through narrow-gauge railway on the 1907 Neral-Matheran Toy Train. The place offers a captivating view of lush green Western Ghats and is home to plenty of famous tourist spots as well. Khandala Point, for instance, is a major attraction for tourists all over with its window to beautiful expansive views. Louisa Point offers views of the ancient Prabal Fort and some breathtaking waterfalls as well. The Panorama Point again is a wonderful window to the beauty of the Western Ghats.

So skip the crowded terrains of Himalayas for once and give the well-preserved colonial architecture of Matheran a chance to mesmerize you. Book best resorts near Matheran and enjoy all these scenic spots on a relaxing and memorable vacation with your friends or family. Use these ideas to make sure your place of rest is just as great as your place of travel. Make the most of Matheran with its beautiful sights and its beautiful resorts!


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