Give Your Business a Taste of Influencer Marketing

Give Your Business a Taste of Influencer Marketing

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If you watch television commercials or any videos on YouTube etc. you might have seen celebs/actors/any person advertising a certain brand. The reason why they advertise a specific brand and a product is because they are paid for and they create a lasting impact on the people watching it. They have the ability to influence people easily.

Influencers are the one who help brands to sell their products and services to engaged audiences. If you see, influencer marketing was found very effective the last year.

Influencer marketing isn’t something new to the market because it’s around for several years. The reason it wasn’t known to people is because its importance wasn’t known to people till now. However, its effectiveness, nowadays, is getting into the sight of people as its gaining popularity day by day.

Before we proceed further, first let us understand who are influencers?

People who really thinks that someone with huge social fan following are influencers then they must emancipate this kind of thought. In reality, those people who have power to influence the insight of others or gets them to change their mind about a certain thing or doing something unexpected are known as influencers.

A special kind of skill which influences other people to change their thinking or behavior is required for being an influencer.

If I talk same thing in the perspective of sales and marketing people then an influencer is someone who gets other people buy their products and services.

Key Factors Required For Being an Influencer

An influencer’s potential for influencing other people is measured with these three key factors-

  • Outreach
  • Contextual credibility
  • Salesmanship


It’s the ability to deliver the message to a huge mass of people which may include the audience of a TV host, readership of a publication or the number of social followers someone has.

Reach is not the only adequate thing but credibility too is highly required. Influencer with small reach but high credibility and salesmanship are known as micro-influencers.

Contextual Credibility

It’s the extent of trust and authority provided by the audience based on the influencer’s distinguished knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. For example- Emma Watson is an actress with number of followers. If she advertises for some beauty products or clothing brand then people will surely go for that brand or product. But if she advertises for some lead generating software, it won’t really work.


Salesmanship can be defined as an ability of convincing people to purchase products or services at a profit to the seller and with profit, to the buyer. But wait it’s not limited to just buying and selling, also, it’s an art of escorting buyers to buy what they need.

These are the people with extraordinary influential skill to convince people with their own point of view.

Why Does Your Brand Need Influencers?

  • Creates trust

Well obviously, you won’t believe any random person talking good or any fact about him/herself. But if a person who you know, say is a mutual between you and that person, tells you about his/her quality and good facts then you will surely believe. This is because of the trust that mutual person has developed with you. Hence, one of the reason your brand should invest in influencer is because they create trusts among consumers or it will be very difficult for you to create trust with them as a brand.

  • Increases your audience network

When you consolidate with an influencer, then not only they bring their own audiences but, along with, they bring the network of their audiences too. This way your brand will reach to more audiences and will gain popularity.

  • Brings in traffic to your website

A loyal audience means a lot to everybody. And because of their loyalty an influencer is capable of driving in more traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads and more leads means more potential buyers and hence, increased ROI.

  • Gives your brand the social exposure

As already discussed, aligning with influencers means a lot of audience and audience network. Hence, if they follow you on social media, just because you paid them, their most of the followers and their network too will follow your brand. This will provide your brand the social exposure.

  • Recommend your brand to others

When an influencer talks about a specific brand or tells a story about their experience related to that brand then people are more likely to use that brand or at least give it a try because of the trust between that influencer and the people.

Hence, there could be more such reasons why you should get influencers by your side. They can be found effective in beating your competitors too.

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