Forget the Asthma Attacks with Proventil

Forget the Asthma Attacks with Proventil

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Asthma is the clinical name of a particular medical condition that becomes a source of anxiety and fear in many. But in reality, you don’t have to hold yourself back from leading a normal life if you have asthma. It is just a breathing problem which affects the channeling of air to the lungs. Sometimes, the airways start to react adversely upon the entry of particular substances which act as the irritants. These irritants cause inflammation of the air passage and make it difficult for you to breathe. The accumulation of the mucus that your body secretes in excess within the air duct narrows the channel further.

Is there a cure?

Asthma can be seasonal where the symptoms get worse during a particular season and might not show up even for once during the other seasons. But that doesn’t imply that the condition simply comes and goes. Asthma stays almost permanently and does not have a complete cure. However, with the modern inhalers and sprays that you can procure from RXShopMD, you can well manage the condition without much stress. Every person has different symptoms of asthma. You can lead a healthy and normal life only if you know the right medication to manage the condition.

Using accurate medicines

The modern medicine will make you forget that you have asthma with effective management of symptoms. You will never feel that there is no cure for the disease after all. For prevention and treatment of the breathing problems, you can use the Albuterol which is also known as salbutamol. The breathing problems include asthma and any pulmonary disease form chronic obstructions. The medicine can urgently control emergencies arising from an asthma attack while exercising. The drug imparts quick relief from breathing troubles. The drug derives from the bronchodilators which act to dilate the air passageways within your body.


The pharmacologic studies on Proventil demonstrate the preferential effect on the beta androgenic receptors. These receptors represent on the smooth muscle of the bronchi. The activation of these receptors induces the following activation of the adenyl cyclase. The impact is the surge in the cyclic- 3’, 5’- adenosine monophosphate concentration at the intracellular level. The increased cAMP activates the protein kinase A thus inhibiting he myosin phosphorylation. The intracellular level of ionic calcium reduces causing relaxation. Finally, it relaxes all the smooth muscles lining the air passage to the bronchiole at terminal parts right from the trachea.

Additional facts

The albuterol sulfate is the generic name of the drug used to treat asthma and other respiratory diseases. The chemical is actually an off-white crystalline powder which is water soluble. It is also soluble in ethanol. For inhalation purpose, the metered-dose is filled under pressure in the inhalation unit. The aerosol consists of a microcrystalline suspension containing albuterol sulfate combined with propellant HFA-134a, oleic acid, and ethanol. 120 mcg of albuterol sulfate emits with one actuation. A single canister can deliver up to 200 inhalations. If you have not used the inhaler for a couple of weeks, then it will be better to prime the inhaler before intaking.

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