Five Things to Consider When Building a Wooden Shed

Five Things to Consider When Building a Wooden Shed

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With the numerous maintenance and DIY projects you often do, it is possible to run out of storage space in the house. If you do not have a shed, it might be the best time to build one. Unlike a house, a shed is easier to construct. However, you have to be careful and cautious not to ignore certain things when building a shed. Here are a few things you should consider.

The Foundation

Nothing good comes out of a weak foundation. All long-lasting houses and sheds are built on strong foundations. Check the place where you want to build the shed. Check the nature of the soil, including how much water it contains. It is important you choose a place that is dry and little bit above the surrounding landscape. If you plan to construct a small shed, then use a foundation made of solid concrete or pressure-treated timbers. Make sure you don’t use cinder blocks if you are going with concrete. The spaces in these blocks cannot withstand the pressure from the elements.
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Use Trusses

The roof is one of the most important parts of any structure. You need to build a roof that won’t exert a lot of pressure on other structural elements or leak. To build such as roof, you will need to use trusses. Each truss must be installed above a stud.

Air Circulation

Water erodes wood very quickly. Since you are planning to build a wooden shed, make sure the structure has good airflow. Place the lowest wood member of the shed at least 0.5 feet above the ground to limit contact with water. It is also recommended you leave at least three feet of space on all sides to get rid of moisture and prevent the growth of mildew. This space will also give you an easy time when painting the structure.

Make the Floor Frame Strong

The floor is going to handle most of the weight. As result, it must be strong enough. To make the frame stronger, install at least a two-inch thick pressure-treated lumber for the frame. For the floor deck, use at least 0.75 inches of exterior-grade plywood. Anything thinner than this will bend in between the joints.

Consider Inspection

Once you have built the shed and placed the roof, you need to get a qualified property inspector to assess the structure. The inspector will look at every structural element and consider a number of factors to determine if everything is in order. He will ensure that your shed is in a perfect condition and not going to collapse in the next few years. He may even suggest ways you can use to save time and money the next time you are going to carry out repairs for your shed.

A shed is an important structure that can help you store tools and items you no longer use. The tips highlighted in this post will provide helpful insights on what you need to do to build a highly effective and safe structure. While it is possible to build a shed as a DIY project, it is highly recommended you hire a shed builder, especially if you have no experience building sheds.


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