Draw Religiousbath with Nu-Botanic

Draw Religiousbath with Nu-Botanic

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Religious baths hold a high importance in many cultures, being part of several rituals and purification processes. Making a religious bath is often exhausting task requiring a wide array of oils, herbs and other products which are not available easily at your local neighbourhood stores. Nu-Botanics,  an industry leader for botanica and natural products now offers all items required to make your religious bath under one roof in its 4 retails locations in Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, San Jose, California; and Van Nuys, California and an online e-commerce store.

With a large assortment of natural and botanical products such as bath products, waters, amulets, books, coloured candles, spiritual oils, incense, powder and sachets, perfumes, santeria, talismans which can be used to draw your own religious bath experiences.

The online e-commerce store of Nu-Botanicsprovides a highly secure and safe online shopping platform ensuring user data remains safe and is not misused during and post their online purchases of religious bath products and other botanica products.

All orders placed for religious bathproducts, other botanica and natural products received between Monday to Friday prior to 12 PM PST are processedon the same day and are dispatched within 72 hours, subject to stock availability confirmation of payment whereasorders which are placedand confirmed post 12 PM are processedthe next working day and are shipped 72 hours post processing the order.

Nu-Botanics’s return and refund policy do not accept returns of religiousbath products and other botanica products without authorisation with claims required to bemade within 5 days from receipt of orders.A 15% restocking charge is applicable if an order is cancelled prior to shipment. These charged are waived in case the returns are due to the fault of the company.

Nu-Botanics ships religiousbath products and other natural products worldwide with international shipping but do not ship aerosol sprays outside the United States and does not provide any guarantee for damages during international shipments.

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