Crime Scene Cleanup Topeka Kansas

Crime Scene Cleanup Topeka Kansas

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When a crime occurs, those impacted most closely by it don’t want to think about cleaning up the scene. They are too involved in dealing with the difficult emotions they have to work through, like grief and shock. That is why the local authorities, or perhaps an apartment community or victim services group calls us, the best crime scene cleanup Topeka Kansas has to offer.

We have cleaned up many types of crimes, and we are especially familiar with homicides and fights that produce blood spills. Blood spills are dangerous because they can contain blood borne pathogens that can potentially infect someone who comes into contact with the blood. Suicide scenes are also situations we regularly handle, and we do an excellent job of cleaning and disinfecting the area affected.

Traumatic deaths and unattended deaths are two other types of situations that may initially be considered a crime scene. We are skilled in cleaning up not only blood but also other bodily fluids that may exit a decomposing body. Bodies that are not discovered quickly can decompose fast, especially in warm climates and warm weather. The odor from a decomposing body is less than pleasant as well, so we also deodorize in addition to disinfecting the scene of a passing.

Our technicians have received top-notch training in how to clean up biologically hazardous situations like these. They follow the letter of the law in how to clean up these types of scenes so that the risk of infection is minimized for not only the technicians but also the client and the general public.

Our goal is to restore a crime scene to its original state, but, sometimes, that is not possible because some of the items at the scene are too contaminated. They must be properly disposed of. These types of items may include flooring, drywall, or carpeting, for example. Then the area is ready for reconstruction so that it is safe to enter again.

People are our first priority in our work, and we work with as light of a footprint as possible to respect the living and working space of our clients. We respect their privacy and confidentiality and work as discreetly as possible. We typically arrive within an hour of being called and are finished just a few hours later. We never sacrifice quality for speed, however. When you need the best crime scene cleanup Topeka Kansas can offer, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.

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