Choosing a Gas Fireplace  

Choosing a Gas Fireplace  

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When we think about a fireplace, what comes to mind is wood and warmth but did you know that a gas fire place can provide all that at the touch of a button? Well, a gas fire place is more efficient than a wood fireplace, and its use is gaining momentum in today’s world.

The benefits of having a gas fireplace are numerous among them a fire that requires no tending, minimum clean up required and the fact that it warms up the whole house. With these benefits, such fire places are becoming common in our homes as it eliminates the hassle of looking for wood for the fire which sometimes becomes a tough task.

Fireplaces come in three types; the inserts, whereby it is installed on a wood burning fireplace for convenience built-ins and log sets that have burners on top of existing open fire places. The choice depends on the user

But before you decide to obtain a gas fireplace here are the things you should put into consideration so that you find something that suits your home style and needs.

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The purpose of the fireplace

Before obtaining one, make sure you know what you will use it. For instance is it for heating, style statement or efficacy purposes. This determination will help you pick the right unit for your home. For example, if you will use the fireplace for heating only or you also want a design that will make a statement in your house. This decision will enable you to make the right choice. At ortal, we have all designs and can custom make one just for you.

Research on your options

Since this will form part of your décor, it is important to pick colors that compliment your house décor so that it naturally fits. Do not force a style that does not fit your house style since it may ruin all your efforts in home décor, instead talk to us at Ortal and we will provide a solution for your home.

Test it when in use and off

As part of your home décor, its look should match with the house style. Therefore. Before you settle on a particular design, make sure you test it with the fire and when it is not in use to see if it is what you wanted.

Pick a full-service retailer

Sometimes installations may be challenging without experts; therefore, it is crucial to choose a seller that will install the fireplace entirely and even offer after sale services and all the information you may need in future. When you do this will save you a lot of losses should it fail to function as indicated.

Finally, avoid complicated

When picking the right fireplace for your house, ensure that you select one that is easy to use. Controls such as primers, timers and others should not be too hard to use.

Do not confuse complicated for quality but rather get something that is easy to use for everyone in the house to avoid accidents.


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