Car Appraisal Services New York

Car Appraisal Services New York

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When you need a car appraised, you want to work with the most experienced professionals in the industry. Ours are the best car appraisal services New York has to offer, and we proudly provide appraisal services for insurance purposes, and many other situations in which having an appraisal is important.

One of the reasons people get a car appraisal is to protect their investment in a custom or classic vehicle. When they get an insurance policy, using an independent appraisal to determine the value of the vehicle is a better idea than having an insurance appraiser do the appraising. The insurance company probably won’t take into account the value of any modifications or customizations that you have done to the vehicle. Additionally, the insurance appraiser won’t likely have access to a database of comparable sales that our appraisers do.

If you’re in the market for a car, you should also consider getting an appraisal done. A pre-purchase inspection can help determine if the car is all that the seller purports it to be. It can uncover problems, both mechanical and cosmetic, that may not be obvious to a buyer. By documenting all areas of the vehicle with dozens of high-resolution photographs, the appraiser gets you all the information that you need to make a great decision on whether to purchase the car. Additionally, if there are minor problems with the vehicle, the appraisal can give you the information about them that you can use to negotiate the price down.

If you’re a seller, having an appraisal done can help you determine the price at which to sell the vehicle. You don’t want to risk selling the car at too high of a price, and an appraisal can uncover problems that you may not be aware of with the vehicle.

Should you need an appraisal for bankruptcy, divorce, financial audit, tax donation, or estate settlement, we can definitely help with that. An appraisal can make these types of proceedings go more smoothly and quickly. Some situations require an appraisal, such as if you want to donate your vehicle to charity and claim it on your taxes.

Our experienced appraisers have a background in the automotive industry before they are trained to become appraisers. They carefully examine each area of a vehicle and use our database of comparable sales to determine an accurate market value. When you’re looking for the best car appraisal services New York, give us a call.

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