ACL injury and its treatment

ACL injury and its treatment

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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury also known as the ACL injury is caused due to a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament. ACL injury commonly occurs during sports activities which involve sudden stops and jumping. Basket Ball, football, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, are some of the sports that can be cited as an example.


Symptoms of knee ligament injury include severe pain in the knee followed by a sound, swelling of the knee within hours, loss of range of motions and inability to bear body weight on the leg.

You must seek the advice of a medical practitioner as soon as you are experiencing the symptoms. The doctors will examine both the knees to compare them and offer further treatment. Physical examination gives a clear idea of the knee injury. X-ray and MRI scan are other methods which are used for further clarification of the ACL injury.

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Treatment given to knee ligament injury can be classified according to the severity of the injury. The rest and rehabilitation treatment approach is a time-intensive procedure, while surgery can give quick relief and is to be followed by rehabilitation.

The doctor chooses the method of treatment according to the convenience of the patients. For those who are likely to engage in physical activities like sports and other hobbies, the doctor may suggest surgery. And for the elderly and people with low activity level, non-surgical treatment is often chosen.

Non-surgical treatment is done using a bracing which helps to keep the knee movements locked for a limited time. Afterwards, rehabilitation will help to regain your old physical strength.

Surgical treatments are used for cases where ligaments cannot be linked together to restore knee stability. Hence doctor will replace your torn ligament with tissue graft which will act as scaffolding for a new ligament to grow on. The grafts are obtained from several sources. Often the patellar tendon is used, which is located in between kneecap and shinbone or hamstring tendons which run from the kneecap into the thigh. The grafts are selected according to the convenience of the patient with the advice of an expert doctor.

The arthroscopic surgery process is done to rebuild the ACL using small incisions. The arthroscopic surgery is less invasive, is considerably less painful and has a quicker recovery time.

Rehabilitation is a part of ACL reconstruction surgerywhich can help you to get back to your daily activities. A physical therapy program is used to help you regain your strength and movement in the knee. In case of a surgery, the rehabilitation needs to first facilitate the movement of the joint and surrounding muscles. Then the strengthening program is followed to ensure proper function of the joint.

Treatment in India

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