A Quick Guide to Estimate the Value of a Used Car before Buying

A Quick Guide to Estimate the Value of a Used Car before Buying

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Many people prefer to buy a used car due to various reasons, the biggest being that it gives the right balance of value and risk. But, whatever is your reason for going for a used car, you need to know what the right value of the used car that you intend to buyis.

There are many free resale valuation calculators available online these days, which gives you an approximate value of the car once you fill in the details. These details include the date of manufacture, make, model etc. You can also search for cars with your own parameters. Suppose you want a small segment car in Bangalore and your budget is 1L then you can Google ‘used car Bangalore 1 lakh‘ and you will get a number of results from where you can narrow down your search.

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Getting an estimate of the used car gives you a fair idea of what the prospective seller will expect or how far you can negotiate on the deal. There are some sites online that give free car valuation report, which helps in knowing the right price for a particular car in the market. It is always advisable to know the estimated price so that you don’t get cheated in any way.

There are many factors that affect the price of the used car other than its age. Some of these are mileage, vehicle damage and also the cost to recondition it.

Getting your research done always helps as then you can be sure that you are not over paying and in fact getting the best deal for your money.


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