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Botox is widely known for cosmetic purposes. It is usually used by A listed celebrities as well as top ranked models. This injection has saved everyone a lot of money from undergoing plastic surgeries to alter their features to their desire. Besides that, Botox also takes only a few minutes to be completed. The post procedure effects are very minimal that it last only for several days. However, it is to be remembered that Botox injection is only to be given by an experienced person. Almost every aesthetic clinic in Malaysia offers this popular injection. Many tourist come to Malaysia to get this Botox injection for a more youthful look.

  1. Botox injections originate from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. The toxin from the bacteria is extracted and purified to help in medical advancements. For these injections, the toxin used is less concentrated and that is why it is not harmful to the human body. Otherwise, this toxin is very deadly and should be careful when dealt with in high dosages. Botox is now used widely to help treat wrinkles and fine line and it is seen as one of the most effective technique.
  2. Botox helps to block the chemical signals so that it cannot cause the muscles to contract. In other words, Botox keeps the muscles at a relax phase at all times thus preventing the formation of wrinkles. That way, all the affected area can just be given this injection and it will reduce the wrinkles as well as bring about a more youthful look. Seems like an easy way to a young appearance.
  3. Botox injection should only be given by a professional. This is because only a trained professional would know when, where and how to give an injection. It could be dangerous to an individual if they tend to inject themselves as the nerves could be injured and permanent damage could be sustained. A professional would handle this to help ensure you get the young look you desired. Besides that, each individual also need to be assessed to see if they are suitable for the injection or not. Usually people with underlying chronic medical conditions are not recommended for this treatment.
  4. Botox injection usually last a few months. Due to that, the individual should reschedule another appointment to continue their injections to always ensuring and maintaining their elegant looks. By repeating this injections can get help to reduce the wrinkles for long time. That way no blemishes at all. This could just be the next best step to a perfect face. No wrinkles, no fine lines and basically no blemishes.
  5. With the use of this Botox injections of course there are complications that can be drawn. Minor complications that can occur are bruising at the site of injection. It usually last for 5-7 days and wears off naturally. Other complications are headache and that too subsides after 24-48 hours. So, basically there is nothing to worry about as all the complications that occur are just minor ones that go off in a matter of hours or days.

It is always to be remembered that no matter what procedure we go through, it is best to understand the pros and cons of it before proceeding further. This is to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary happens. Besides that, it is wise to ask the doctor thoroughly regarding the procedure and ask for clarity of the treatment. This is because we need to always make sure we know what is happening to us.

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