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Trade ties between the US and China are likely to get a boost, with the Smithfield Foods China deal on the cards. This will be a major economic boost to both the countries. China is one of the ...

There is hardly a greater testament to humanity’s creativity than how many different ways we have managed to come up with as a species to consume cannabis and all its variants. From joints to bongs, pipes and steam ...

If we go by the legal definition of divorce which says that it is the dissolution of a marriage, the termination of a marital union. However, if we look at it in detail, we’ll come to the conclusion ...

What are joggers? Joggers are basically bottom wear that people use while exercising. They are designed in such a manner so as to provide utmost comfort to the individual while one is jogging or working out. Some of ...

Not every life is full of roses and good wishes. There are some times when you might have to go through a turn in your life, where negativity seems to embrace you from nowhere. It means you are ...