19 Tips for the Anxious Crowdfunding Campaigner

19 Tips for the Anxious Crowdfunding Campaigner

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We understand that it’s all hitting you too hard. Managing a fundraiser turned out to eat more of your time and energy than you expected. You may be crowdfunding for a family member or a friend with a terminal illness. You may have chosen to fundraise for a nonprofit that works for a cause that you deeply care about. The thoughts that plague you may differ, but the stress is inevitable. You are constantly active and working hard to make your campaign a success, to bring together your community and social media networks to feel what you feel, to be moved the way you are moved.

Sometimes it may feel like nobody cares as much as you do. Sometimes the stress of taking charge of such an ordeal may be cumbersome. Take a deep breath and read these quick tips to calm your nerves (some, instantly and some, over time) and help you handle the stress.

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  1. Remember that you can ask for help. The crowdfunding platform you have chosen for your fundraiser has seen campaigners go through this hundreds of times and will be willing to listen to you talking about your crisis.
  2. Take time out to practice a hobby. Squeeze a few hours out of your next weekend to go back to a forgotten hobby.
  3. Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t rush your fundraising efforts. Start with research, then move on to your story and visual aid. Think only about the step you’re currently working on.
  4. Remember, some people are as preoccupied as you. A close friend may have turned out to disappoint you by showing disinterest in your campaign. There will always be many people that want to help, but can’t or may be too distracted. Don’t be disheartened.
  5. Take pictures of your project as it progresses. Looking for new donors shouldn’t take up all your energy. It’s equally important to keep your past donors in the know, so post updates of your project regularly with pictures.
  6. Read a favorite book. Go back to an old classic or fiction that you hold close to your heart. Literature is always an unmatched escape.
  7. Listen to soothing music. Whether it’s Beethoven or nature sounds, it works wonders.
  8. Create a simple video of your project. If you haven’t already, create a short video displaying your project. For example, if you’re fundraising for an animal shelter, show a tour of the shelter and talk about why it needs the funds.
  9. Remember to post updates. No matter how insignificant, donors will appreciate your dedication to the crowdfunding campaign.
  10. Meditate every day. Whether it’s for five minutes five times a week or a full blown course, meditation and breathing help you detox and calm your mind.
  11. Go for brunch alone and don’t use the phone. Spending some quiet time with yourself and your thoughts could often give you the break you need.
  12. Ditch the television for a while. When we watch TV, we unconsciously let media influence our perceptions, often negatively. Sometimes it’s merely just background noise and is doing nothing to improve your mood.
  13. Eat good food and drink enough water. Most of us underestimate the influence of good habits, especially diet, over our temperament. You’d be surprised to see how your mood naturally lifts with a healthier and regular diet.
  14. Explore new ideas. Look up fundraising tips on the internet to see if there’s something you haven’t tried with your campaign to help promote it.
  15. Reconnect with old friends. Take time to approach friends you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them about your fundraising journey. You’d be surprised by their willingness to help.
  16. Go for a run. Exercise naturally improves our confidence level.
  17. Read up on how crowdfunding works. Sometimes going back to the basics helps refresh your approach to your campaign if you’re feeling stuck.
  18. Watch an old classic. Lose yourself in a old favorite like The Sound of Music or The Wizard of Oz.
  19. Remember that the best of us fail sometimes as well. If your fundraiser doesn’t work out in the end, don’t worry. Few people get it right the first or even the second time. You learn as you go.

Never give up. Never say die. Happy crowdfunding!

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